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PH: 9345 2480

Professor Seth Masters, Research custodian


Seth is head of the Inflammasomes and Autoinflammatory Disease laboratory at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. He has worked on Autoinflammatory diseases since 2006, after a fellowship at the NIH (USA). During this time Seth has helped to uncover the genetic and molecular basis for several autoinflammatory diseases including DIRA and PAAND. He is active within the community, as part of the International Society of Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases.

Dr Thomas Reygaerts, Research investigator


Thomas is an adult rheumatologist with an interest in monogenic autoinflammatory disorders. After his graduation in Belgium and three years of clinical work as an attending physician in Switzerland, he started a PhD at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to investigate the role of new variants in autoinflammatory diseases under the supervision of Professor Seth Masters. As part of his PhD, Thomas will be dedicated to sustaining the AADRY registry and providing analysis for patients and families recruited.
Thomas is a member of the Belgian Society of Rheumatology and a board certified rheumatologist in Belgium and Switzerland.

Ms Kelsey Breslin, Clinical coordinator


Kelsey is the AADRY Clinical Coordinator and works with the Inflammation and Clinical Translation team at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to facilitate the day-to-day coordination of the registry.

Kelsey has worked at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute as a Research Assistant for 15 years.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the research of many diseases, including muscular dystrophy, breast cancer and many intellectual disorders.  Her research focus has been on understanding genetic and epigenetic causes of disease.  Kelsey obtained her Bachelor of Science (Hons) from The University of Alberta (Canada) in 2005.  

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